Gelato – tasting not only with your eyes

03 Oct 2017  /  Blog

 Physical beauty may capture your attention at first sight, but what lasts is the depth of soul. The same thing happens to gelato, when having the scoop little by little can actually get us falling for it harder.

Ice cream has always been people’s summer choice thanks to its icy cold that no other snacks could have. There is no strict standard for people who relish ice cream, but to fully enjoy the taste of perfection, they must "eat" with all the senses.

It is on a lazy day, you choose a nice little streetside stall with melodious music in the air and creamy aroma lingering around. You can even order your favorite flavours without glancing at the menu. Peeking the cone in front, with mixed feeling of urge and restraint, you slowly admire the small, sweet scoop of fragrantly cold fruit-milk combination, then have a mouthful of it cheerfully. At this moment, the feast for the eyes made room for the taste and touch, gelato is not merely snack but your spice for life. Afterwards, you not only feel completely satisfied, but spirits are also lifted to the point life appears brighter. Gelato melts fast, but the taste and the way you enjoy it will keep your happy moments last long.

Nowadays, the gelato market starts expanding. Your heart may be easily caught by colorful, attractive gelato cones that come with elaborate shapes, but taste bland and artificially sweet. This is the reason why gelato lovers choose Greenie Scoop – a brand that is able to provide Italy-approved gelato. There, the world is not only about fresh fruit but also artisanal expertise, creativity and effort of the founder. Then, you just cannot resist having more.