Greenie Scoop’s mission is to make a healthy dessert from exquisite, natural ingredients and fresh local produce.

Greenie Scoop got its inspiration from both Italian gelato and children’s favourite sweet treats, added with Japanese tender aromas to produce the ice cream of all styles. Twenty two  original flavours which present twelve locally available fruits picked in different tropical areas of Vietnam. These contain fresh fruity tastes, nutritions and vitamins that are good for health.

The ultimate standard that we assure in every production stage is reserving most of original flavours and gaining customers’ trust and confidence when they choose our products. As a result, processes of selecting ingredients, drafting new recipes, standardising procedures and controlling quality are all monitored closely and insured with strictest regulation on food hygiene and machinery from Europe. We turned down the use of additives and food coloring that do harm to one’s health.

“Do not eat ice cream with just your eyes and ears. Do not listen to what people say, look for yourself and taste with your own tongue”

Relish the sweetest joy of eating ice cream at Greenie Scoop with either your friends or family. Let your life be caressed with a simple, fruity scoop of gelato full of exploding flavours melting on your tongue tip.